Social impact

Cloev Clothing is committed to leaving a lasting and meaningful mark on society, one collection at a time. Beyond its playful designs, Cloev Clothing proves that fashion can empower people to make a statement about social issues that deserve more attention and support without sacrificing on elegance or style. As an ambitious social movement of fashionable do-gooders, Cloev Clothing will donate a percentage of its profits to a social cause closely linked to the theme or underlying message of the collection.


Transparency is at the core of our ethos. Cloev Clothing is proud to be a fully transparent company, providing insight into the origin of our products and sharing the details of our financials. It’s a commitment to integrity and openness that extends from our creative process to the way we run our business.


Through it’s mission, Cloev Clothing aims to build a community of like-minded art enthusiasts who share a passion for creativity and positive change. Customers’ opinions will be taken into account when curating the designs that end up in new collections. And with each new collection release, the entire customer base is invited for a unique release party held at an extraordinary location. Here, the original artworks are showcased in harmony with the newly released products.