Cloev Clothing x Pelicano

Cloev Clothing x Pelicano

Cloev clothing partners with children poverty foundation 'Pelicano'

Child Poverty Foundation Pelicano is fighting child poverty in Belgium every day, based on the belief that every child in our country should be entitled to the same opportunities: adequate food, healthy living conditions, quality education and meaningful leisure time. Pelicano commits that all Pelicano children will receive support until they graduate as a young adults and can play a full role in our society. To make these opportunities a reality in a sustainable way, Pelicano raises funds through activities, sponsorships and donations. These contributions go straight to the Pelicano children themselves and not into the hands of the parents or other organizations. Thus, Pelicano offers a structural solution to keep children out of poverty.

Because Cloev Clothing itself also strongly believes in Pelicano's mission, we donate 15% of the profits from our first collection to do our part. Indeed, creating positive impact on society is integral to the mission at Cloev Clothing. In this way, we not only want to inspire other companies to do the same, but most importantly we are trying to support real lives of children in urgent need. So as long as the items from our first collection 'The Origin Collection' remain for sale, you still have the opportunity to support local children in poverty while you yourself can enjoy our artistic quality clothing. 

Warm regards,
Cloev Clothing

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